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Why Our Readiness Blueprint? 

Our Readiness Blueprint equips collegiate athletes, Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) eligible athletes, and others with essential financial concepts and life skills and emphasizes mindset development to align with peak performance within their sports. Understanding the brevity of a sports career, we guide athletes to prepare for a life career while fostering a winning mindset. By establishing a supportive network and acknowledging the significance of personal branding, athletes can extend their impact beyond their athletic prime while excelling both in their sports and professional careers.

Let's make Exceptional be the norm.



Through our blueprint, athlete’s will have the equipment to exercise critical thinking, cultivate self-awareness, develop resilience, be proactive, form good habits and invest in themselves by constantly learning.


We are here to diversify Professional athletes education surrounding money,
personal finances and financial options so that they acquire the ability to impact years of legacy by make wise decisions concerning money.


Embark on a transformative career exploration journey tailored to your aspirations. Our program aligns with your ultimate vision of self, laying the foundation for advancement. We expose athletes to a dynamic network, opening doors to new opportunities, propelling you toward success. Discover your potential and forge a path to greatness.

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