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Meet Michelle


Founder of Traillionaires. 

Michelle Trail is a masterful business person, trailblazer and innovator.  She moves fluidly in the space of inspiration, to the clear ideation of concepts, to flawless delivery of results. Michelle consistently closes multi-million dollar deals with billion-dollar clients. As a business visionary, Michelle clearly identifies the path to success when crafting deals with precision. She is driven by an insatiable passion to deliver exceptional results in every endeavor. 

Michelle is the founder of Traillionaires, a luxury advisory agency. Traillionaires focus is: Strategy Execution, Business and Sales Acceleration and People Development. The mission of Traillionaires is to move top performers, creatives and companies from excellence to exceptional. Traillionaires goal is to make exceptionalism the new norm.


Michelle iconic presence inspires and elevates everyone in her sphere. 

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